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A patent and a national tour

This is how a legend is made: Back in the mid-1960s, Johnny Berry ran an upholstery shop in his Texas garage, using a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to pull out stubborn staples. After repeatedly cutting his fingers and hands, he knew it was time to create a better tool.

Once Johnny had patented his Berry's Staple Remover, he packed up his kids and, over two summers, toured the nation. He visited tool supply houses, handed out his remover and said, "Try it and see." Over the years, his creation has become the industry standard.

Nearly 50 years of effectiveness

  • Patented in 1965

  • Known around the world

  • Features a 1-year warranty

  • Fast shipment to wholesalers

  • Easy to use

  • Long lasting


Available to all wholesalers

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Created by an experienced upholsterer

A worker using a staple remover. A Photo of Johnny Berry.